Refining Operations Careers

Our refining business segment owns and operates four inland, crude oil refineries with a combined production throughput capacity of 302,000 barrels per day. With refineries strategically located in Big Spring and Tyler, Texas, El Dorado, Arkansas, and Krotz Springs, Louisiana, we process primarily light crude sourced from the Permian Basin, the Gulf Coast, and East Texas.

Delek’s refinery operations employ industry leading engineers, technicians, and maintenance staff who maximize safety, reliability, and environmental compliance. As a result, our refineries are known for their strong safety records, professional service and reliability, and dedication to operational excellence and growth. In 2017, we doubled our refining capacity and gained the largest exposure to the Permian Basin of any independent refiner. These strategies increase our access to lower-cost crude oil, and create additional opportunities for expansion.


Sitting just 50 miles from the Permian Basin in West Texas, which is currently one of the most prolific oil fields in the world, is the Big Spring Refinery. In operation since 1929, Delek acquired the refinery in 2017, and is a leading employer in Howard County, and a vital supplier of fuel oil products and asphalt throughout Texas and the Southwest US.

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The El Dorado Refinery was acquired in 2011, expanded in 2014, and has had continuous operations since 1922. As the northernmost refinery in our enterprise, it sits atop an extensive local gathering system of nearly 1,000 miles of pipeline, and allows us to realize an enormous response time and transportation cost advantage when supplying fuels to our primary markets in the central Midwest and Mississippi River corridor.

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As one of the youngest crude oil refineries in the U.S., the Krotz Springs Refinery was acquired by Delek in 2017, as part of a strategy to double our refining capacity. Since then significant investment has been made to operate our four refineries as a system, and add flexibility to increase production, such as the addition of the new alkylation unit unveiled in 2019.

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As our original refining operation, the Tyler Refinery was acquired in 2005, including pipeline and product terminal assets, moving Delek US from a retail fuel operation into the diversified, midstream energy company it is today. For more than a decade enhanced emphasis on safety and environmental protection from the C-suite down has been central to achieving our record best annual safety rating in 2018.

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